Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 2

Day number two!  It is already day number two and I am sad to be leaving.  We have been so busy today and the time just flew by.  Today we had Church with the children and the placed was over packed!  I could not believe how many children are coming it is amazing!

We then spent time getting all the mattresses and sheets back to normal and we are praying the scabies will not come back!  Missy arrived today and we tried to look over all the children and see if any additional medications were needed for them.  Overall our children look really good with all that has happened/spread here.  I did a scabies treatment on myself as well the other night and so far cannot see anything.

Through out the day issues arise and things constantly need attending to!  We tackled as many problems as we could and by the end of the day were wiped!

I spent time dancing and worshiping with the children tonight which was so much fun.  The community children came back to GV at night and it was a good time. Fanfan did such a good job with them.

My sister in law Laura is here and I could not be more happy!  She has been a huge help and she is so good with all the children, especially the little ones.  I wish I was taking more pictures, but it is just so busy!  Maybe I will do that tomorrow!

We continue to try to make this place cleaner and are working on rules with the children!  Hopefully soon things will start clicking with everyone!


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