Friday, June 8, 2012

Back to my home away from home!

So I am back in Haiti for one week!  I am staying up at Grace Village to assist wherever needed!  Jewel is currently here and doing a fabulous job with everything that has come her way!  She has been working hard with all the new children here and doing well.

It was a long travel day and we did not arrive till 6pm.  I was greeted by the most wonderful smiling children!  I was so happy to see all the children I love so very much.  I came during dinner time and so spent some time talking with the children and introducing them to Laura.

Laura is my sister in law and decided to spend this week with me here.  So far she has jumped right in loving the kids and doing whatever is needed.

This week I will be helping as much as I can with the health care needs and keep enforcing the rules!

Please pray for all the children, especially the ones who are sick.  We have scabies up here which is hard to get rid of.  Treatment is done so pray for it to go away!   Also if you could pray for all the workers here who are working so hard!

Sorry for the short update.  Laura and I are very tired and looking forward to going to bed.  More later and hopefully with some pictures!

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