Thursday, May 26, 2011


Yesterday I met with Lisa to continue planning our trip.  Most of our time was spent working on our educational pieces that we will use to teach them about disease and how to prevent it.
 The focus of this trip will be two community health fairs.  The first, in the North of Haiti, in our friend Shirley’s home town of Gonaives and the second fair in Leogane. We are planning a day that will include two seminars, one on hand washing, with a focus on Cholera, and the seminar on nutrition. After many health fairs in the past that have been focused on providing medical care, we would like to teach the Haitian people how to take a stand against the spread of disease and the malnutrition that effect so many. After the seminars, we will have games for the kids followed by prayer and worship. We will conclude the day with a large meal for all, music, and socializing.  
Planning is something that we always do before our trips, but you never know how it will actually work into the unexpected of Haiti.  Haiti is a place where time is not of the essence and plans do not mean much.  But yesterday we plugged away to be as planned as we possibly could for whatever will take place!