Sunday, February 3, 2013

I have missed you Haiti!

I am back in Haiti and it has been such a long time!  I cannot believe it was a year ago that I met these wonderful children for the first time.  It was definitely different when I came!  The children are so big and there are a lot of new staff.  Healing Haiti has built so many additions on to this place and things look AMAZING!  

I arrived to port-au-prince and got to experience the new airport!  It is so pretty, clean, and efficient.  I stopped by at the guest house before heading to Grace Village.  For any of you traveling to Healing Haiti's guest house you are in for a big treat because the new guest house is beautiful!

I was greeted by the children and spent the night talking with the long term missionaries and getting to know the new guardians a little better.  

I am not sure if it is a good thing or not, but when the kids saw me tonight they started impersonating me!  The kept saying "kids be quiet", "why children why", and "sit and silence"........not something you want to be known for!  These were my famous lines I used over and over again to get them behaving!  : )

I have for sure lost some of my creole and am rusty, but I think it is slowly coming back to me when the children remind me of things.  They talk to me so fast, and I am reminding them that I do not speak creole at home so I am not as good as I was. 

There is a new long term missionary house up at Grace Village and it is super nice.  I feel spoiled and lucky to be here in Haiti.

God has blessed me and made my day smooth and safe.  Thank you to all of you praying for me and all the support!

No pics tonight!  I am off to shower and then bed so I can rise early and tackle the day!

Love, Gretchen