Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Following God with my heart

As you may know I have a huge heart for the people of Haiti and feel that I have been called by God to serve in that country.  

The church I attend called Eaglebrook sends mission teams to Haiti through an organization called Healing Haiti.  I went with a group in October and fell in love with what God was doing through this organization.  They have just built a place called Grace Village which includes two dormitories for orphaned children and a feeding center for the children and people in the community. They moved the orphans into their new home at the end of December. They have big plans for the future which include building a church, clinic, and home for children who have been abused.

I was presented with the opportunity to help the organization Healing Haiti and I am amazed that I get to be a part of this!  I will be leaving in February and coming home in June.  I will live in Grace Village with the children.   I will be there to make sure things are running smooth with the children's care and oversee that they are getting everything that they need.  I will be a contact person for the people in the states and communicate with them how Grace Village is doing.

Since I will be away for four months I will be taking a personal leave from my work.  My husband will stay in the states and continue to work and visit me periodically.  I will be returning to my former job when I get back from Haiti.  Because I will not be working for four months I am in need of financial support while I spend my time in Haiti.  I will not be paid, since this is a volunteer position.

I am hoping that you will help me on my journey for supporting these orphaned children.  I am asking that you lift me and my husband up in prayer and if able support us financially.  I still need to continue paying my loans and insurance while I am gone, as well as have finances in Haiti.  
Please view my side tab to look at Healing Haiti's website.  Also check out the tab Grace Village to see the children I will be working with and where I will be staying.

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I would love to meet up with you and discuss more about this trip, email me if you are interested!

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