Monday, April 9, 2012

What a week!

Almost one week since my last post!  Finally tonight I have internet and some time to write!

We have been having a good week with the children off from school.  Busy as ever with making sure things are getting done and things here are running well.  I spent the beginning of the week with the children and getting the rooms ready for the advocates that were going to stay here.

On Tuesday I spent the night at the guest house.  It was fun getting to know the advocates and what they are doing for Healing Haiti.  I cannot tell you what a huge blessing it was to see Julie and Missy!!!  I have been sending them so many emails and so many questions and to finally see them was amazing.

I was so lucky to spend time with Missy and really get to know her and see her work in action.  She works tirelessly for these children and elderly so that they have their medical needs meet.  She worked with Dr. Sem on Friday and Saturday and saw all the children and all the elderly.  She wrote everything down medically about them, filled all the prescriptions, and assisted Dr. Sem in everything else he needed.  She also did fluoride treatments on all the kids! It was amazing to see how much love and time she has given to this area and you can tell she is such a Godly person   These children have been through so much and have  such histories and it was so wonderful to get the support and guidance from her this week and I am going to truly miss her.

Julie is the glue that has held me together while I have been here and it was a blessing to have her come and visit. She is such a good person to have in the lives of these children.  She has the best personality for this job and just makes everything work.  While I worry about things way too much, she has the presence that makes everything seem just fine!  She knows how to talk and approach people and has the greatest smile.  I never once heard her complain and she was always there when needed.  For anyone who knows Julie, you are very lucky, because she is a wonderful person who does great things for God.

All of the team members were so great here and did a wonderful job with the children.  They had easter egg hunt planned.  We dyed easter eggs and made a cross mosaic out of the egg shells.  We watched a movie with the kids and ate popcorn.  It was just a fun time for the children and they were truly blessed.

Two of the team members are still with me tonight, Amy and Shelly.  It has been such a fun day with them.  I forget how much I miss chatting with women and having some fun with them!  We got clothes ready to give out to the children that come to church and had the kids get easter eggs ready for them.

Micky and Jewel will be coming soon and I am excited for that to happen!  They will arrive on April 12th and I will be working on getting things ready for them soon!

My emotions this week have been some what of a roller coaster.  I am realizing how material things are getting way less important to me and how much I love everyone at Grace Village.  I have gone through times of anger and frustration and times were I just needed to cry.  At times I can be so mad at these children, but they have endured more pain, disappointment, and been so mistreated in the past that sometimes I can hardly stand it.  It is a hard life in Haiti and I know their is so many children experiencing the same things that the children at GV have gone through.  I just ask that you continue to pray for all the children here and the workers as well.

On a better note I came out of my room the other day to drumming and the twins Mayck and Maycko were drumming and making the most magical sound from old pieces of tin laying around.  When the internet is fast I will post if for you.  It put me in the best mood and it was so much fun!

Tomorrow is easter sunday and we will be having the children wear their new easter outfits that so many of you donated!!  Thank you so very much!  They LOVED the clothes and I will post pictures of them after Easter.

Below I posted pictures of the play clothes some of you donated.  Thanks again to all who donate.  We love everything that we get and use it ALL! : )

Much Love, Gretchen

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