Sunday, April 15, 2012

God Given Gifts!

A look into the week filled with new adventurous and God given gifts!

Monday the children were still off from school.  It was a day of recovery from all the fun we had with the American team and gave us time to worship and clean!  Tuesday was the first day back at school.  The children had troubles waking up so early, but somehow we made it to school on time with only few tears along the way.  As we approached the school the grandmother of the little boy that we saw earlier was there to greet us.  She was wondering if we ever made a decision about taking her little grandson to Grace Village.  I went with her to their home and gathered information about him.  We are praying carefully if he is someone that needs to be at GV and will make sure to update all of you on this!

One really cool thing that happened this week was that I ran into a group of boys/men that were training for soccer.  They were using rocks to weave in and out of and stretching on the ground.  It was so neat to see their passion for working out and getting better at soccer.  I headed back up to Grace Village and got them a couple of soccer balls to play with.  I then drove back and gave them the soccer balls.  It was so wonderful to experience this!  They could not have been more grateful or happy about it.  They acted like the balls were made of gold!  Such a fun experience

This week has been full of tests for the children’s health.  I took three girls to see the doctor on Thursday and had four others that needed lab tests on Friday.  We continue to have two girls with on going problems with infections on their heads and some of the boys continue to have ringworm.  I ask that you pray for these children and really ask God to heal them.

Jewel and Mickey arrived on Friday!  It was so nice to finally meet them and catch up on everything.  I am so lucky to have them and will be so sad to leave them.  I think the three of us have made a great team so far and wish it could continue!  Jewel is amazing with the children and just loves them up.  Mickey’s faith in God has just blown me away and I am so happy to have such a Godly women up at GV. 

Saturday an American team came and it was a great day with them!  They had a great faith lesson, had kites for them and made a little market!  I was blessed to have Shirley one of my best friends come and visit with me.  It was so nice to spend some time with her and let her see all that is going on at GV.

Each day I meet people on the streets, visit with Haitians, get to give away the abundance of supplies we have here, or get to laugh, smile, and cry with the Haitians here I know it is a God given gift He has personally blessed me with.

Much love, Gretchen

If you ever wonder if the food you pack for Feed my Starving Children gets to Haiti, the answer is YES!! This was given away to all the children at their school the other day.  

Eating lunch with my new friend and great worker here Leno.

The boys eating.  

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